Departure of SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad a big blow to KPK Police

SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad

I have been working with KPK Police for more than an year regarding my cases and my experience so far has been quite a disappointment, except a few good officers that I have come across. Most recently a brave new officer got transferred as SSP Investigation, Peshawar. His name is, Faisal Shahzad. Before here he served as DPO Mardan and enjoyed a good reputation.

Within a month, this officer transformed his department. Staff started to wear uniform, which previously they were not accustomed to. He began looking at cases purely on merit, not considering who is more influential and who is not. People flogged to him to resolve their cases which previously were hardly looked at professionally. He punished a number of his own officers and demoted some for poor and biased investigation. Previously this was a norm

Strangely just a little over a month, SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad got transferred. This was shocking to us as he was dealing our case but more shocking to us was the fact that such brave officer has no place in KPK Police. I even raised my concern to IGP KPK, how can a brave officer like him get transferred within a month, while those who do absolutely nothing stay here for years?

The answer to this question is simple, there is so much mess in KPK Police, esp in Investigation Department, that honest officers like Faisal Shahzad has no place. Here he is required to get corrupt working with corrupt police and if he can't do that he must find him a place somewhere else. That is exactly what happened. He got himself transferred to Punjab Police, looking at the dismal situation in KPK Police where he was not a match. I wish best of Luck to SSP Inv. Faisal Shahzad.

For me transfer of SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad shows a very dismal picture of KPK Police. For me it is rather death of KPK Police where an honest officer was not allowed to work for one reason or another. Now it depends how the new SSP Investigation performs but the message is very gloomy. The change that people were promised does not seems to be *that* much of a change, esp when you look at the transfer of SSP Investigation, Faisal Shahzad, who was not allowed to work professionally in his department, where he was direly needed

God bless KPK Police. The future looks a little gloomy

By Hammad Khan, Dated: January 9, 2017

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