Zain Hotel and Restaurant, Mansehra

Karakoram Highway, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Restaurant Hotel Sajji




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Reviewed by , on 2016-07-10

Reason for Visit: Lodging
Review: We did not have pleasant experience at this hotel. We arrived late at night, early morning and wanted to just crash for the night. The room looked decent and clean enough so we decided to stay (with family).

Only when I went to the room, I found that there were no locks to the room. I requested them to please fix the lock as I were staying there with family. They kind of ignored my request. I decided to just walk out as I did not want to stay in room with no locks and paying rent. At this the management asked me to give half the rent of the room for no reason. I refused and ask if they fixed the lock, I will stay. Anyways the made a big fuss out of it. I simply refused to pay half the rent for the room. Eventually there were other people of management (pathans) who intervened and let me just leave.

So while rooms are clean enough to stay with family, they do not have locks. According to them all of the rooms do not have locks. Just be aware of it.

This place is good for food though and seems to be busy all night long.

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