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Reviewed by , on 2016-01-08

Reason for Visit: file 22-A Petition for me
Review: I hired Yasir and his team to file 22-A petion for me to register an FIR which the police were not doing in the first place. I had overall good experience with him and his team but I found that his augments were week and lacking. I was lucky to get the judgment in my favour mainly because I was present there but it could have easily go the other way.

There were quite big blunders beside his very weak arguments. He first told me that he mention section of law (PPC) under which the crime comes but he failed to do so when I reviewed the petition. I pointed that to him that we should mentioned PPC but he said there is no need. I was not entirely satisfied but I let it go.

On trial day, his argument were not fluent, he could clearly communicate why an FIR should be register. Before the trial, I had reviewed the poliction “comments report” and had already pointed out staggering flaws and none of it were highlighted by him. His team had promised me before, “Do not worry, we will go through everything and everything will be covered”. But that was not the case. His only argument was that Police is bound to register and FIR under section 154, which in my view is simply no enough. Only a lawyer who is not prepared and have no insight into the case will argue that.

Later the next day, I had a meeting at DRC (Dispute Resolution Center) and I showed them my petition and the judgment and they told me, my lawyer made a mistake by not mentioning Section of Law. It was clear to me, my case was handled very poorly. I was lucky to the get the judgment in my favor.

By not mention section of law, the same SHO has again case in his hands who was not registering an FIR. Now he will send his twisted facts to DPP (Department of Public Prosecution) and PPC they invoke might not be the one I want + it buys my opponents more time. If Section of law was mentioned, I would be sitting in home relaxed but I am not, but I have to make sure

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