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Reviewed by , on 2015-06-30

Reason for Visit: For various car problems
Review: Shoba Market is a great place to find used parts for your car. The prices are pretty cheap. There might be quite various between two shops so it is recommended to check a couple of store before making final purchase. Most auto stores will provide gaurentee on their parts. You can return them if things dont quite work out.

The problem that I found in Shoba Market is

1. It is hard to find a parking space. There is literally no space to repair cars. Some workshops in Shoba market have their own space but generally it is struggle to find space if you are just looking for part for you card.

2. Labour charges are way expensive here. I have fixed my car a number of times from ring road, Hayatabad and prices there were very reasonable. Here they ask for 2x or 4x prices.

3. There other issue I find here is one task you have to pay two different people. Like if you have a problem with fuel tank, you have to pay one person for removing the fuel tank and the second person to repair it. Same is the case with fixing stearing wheel and may be other related tasks.

Overall it is great place to fine guineine japanes parts (they are called "kabaly" as they come from Kabal) but for regular engine job and fixing your cars, you are probably better off fixing it somewhere else, probably close to you home.

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