Samsons Malam Jabba Skiing Resort & Hotel, Swat

Malam Jabba, Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Samsons Malam Jabba Skiing Resort & Hotel

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Reviewed by , on 2017-04-04

Reason for Visit: Tourist in April 1 2017 (end of snow season)
Review: As for 1 April 2017, there were some snow left to play with (I thought there would be none) but skiing was closed. You can do "tubing" though.

Not many people would know that that Samson Hotel and Resort at Malamjabba top is still under construction and would need a good amount of time to complete (may be two more years). There is not enough parking at the resort and you literally have to park on the road. We were lucky that we parked inside the gated area as we arrived their in early around 12:00 noon. There is Rs 50 charge for entrance and Rs 20 per person.

The chairlefts cost Rs 300 per person which includes return ticket. The weather was nice and a bit cold. It was colder at top (chairlift top) and a jacket would be helpful. There were good amount of visitors so we did not feel lonely at all which is a good thing. There were long cues for chairlefts.

Since this is a winter resort, I can expect huge number of people coming for skiing and hence traffic problem + lack of proper parking. It definitely is worth visiting for snow, skiing and for recreations purpose but I feel the facilities there is not enough. We could not find tea at the main resort (chairleft bottom) and the hotel is still under construction which is very disappointing.

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